Flutter Challenge — Flutter Puzzle Hack

Flutter recently announced a new challenge Flutter Puzzle Hack. Basically, you have a build a “web” puzzle app similar to the one in the following video and enter a chance to win one of over $50,000 worth of prizes.

Whether you create a new design, modify the sample app, or rebuild the puzzle from scratch, or any interesting ways, just how far you can push your imagination. It has to be the most creative yet solvable slide puzzle you can imagine, targeting Flutter on the web.

A sample app is also provided to get you started, and many other documentation and resources to help you build a compelling submission. You can also launch the sample app to visualize it.

Anyone with the legal age can apply, whether you’re an experienced Flutter developer or a newbie. There are so many different prices, check the below link for more details.

Flutter Puzzle Hack: https://flutterhack.devpost.com/

Former Google employee Filip Hráček who was involved in the previous Flutter clock challenge has given some useful tips as well.

Be sure to share your solutions on Twitter and tag them using the hashtag, #flutterpuzzlehack for a chance to be featured on our Twitter!

As I find more useful information, I’ll be updating it here and on my social media accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn).

Good luck and have fun.

To infinity and beyond!

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Argus Waikhom

Argus Waikhom

To infinity and beyond!

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